Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced for the second year in a row, Agilent has been ranked among Barron's 100 Most Sustainable Companies. The company garnered the No. 3 position, moving up 14 spots from No. 17 the previous year.

Barron's, in partnership with Calvert Research and Management, analyzed the 1,000 largest publicly held companies by market value in the United States. Each company was assessed against 300 performance indicators in five categories: shareholders, employees, customers, planet and community.

"It's a tremendous honor for Agilent to receive this award as it's a reflection of our longstanding commitment to sustainability," said Agilent President and CEO Mike McMullen. "Our sustainability program reflects our values and what we stand for as a company. It's just the right thing to do for our team, customers, community and business."

As part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives, Agilent:

  • Installed key energy and water-saving solutions in the U.S., Denmark, Germany, Italy, Singapore and China. These projects reduced annual electricity consumption by about 6 million MWh, which is the equivalent to a reduction of over 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year and helped us deliver a 9% reduction in our water consumption.
  • Commissioned lower carbon electricity generation systems at two of its large facilities in the U.S. These generating systems convert natural gas into electricity without combustion and will typically produce 25 percent less carbon dioxide than that from grid electricity.
  • Developed products that use less energy and water and produce lower emissions. This includes Intuvo, a chromatography system that uses 50 percent less electricity.
  • Matched employee contributions to 600 non-profits through the Agilent Technologies Foundation, established the Agilent Employee Assistance Fund to support employees impacted by a natural disaster, and enabled employees to contribute an estimated 50,000 hours to community and charitable organizations through an expansion of our program that allows employees to take off six days per year in paid time to volunteer.

For more information about our sustainability initiatives, please read our corporate social responsibility report at