Agilent Podcast Series

  • Within the area of Life Sciences, people work tirelessly around the world to solve the most pressing issues in human healthcare. One way that the industry tackles these near insurmountable issues is by assembling individuals or organizations with specific expertise to form strong partnerships. Join Agilent in this episode to hear more about the partnerships that are accelerating our perceptions of what is possible, for a better future. Interviewees include:

    • Jack Wenstrand Ph.D., Director, University Relations and External Research, Agilent Technologies
    • Shannon Arvizu Ph.D., Sociologist and Founder, Epic Teams
    • Dr. Bob Symons, Regional Technical Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Eurofins

The Agilent Podcast Series explores thought-provoking themes by showcasing some of the cutting-edge work being done by Agilent customers and collaborators around the world.


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