Mike McMullen
  • Full Name Mike McMullen
  • Birthplace Sellersville, PA
  • Born 1961
  • Residence Palo Alto, CA
  • EducationB.S., Economics; M.B.A.
  • Hobbies Family, Sports, Fishing

Meet Mike McMullen, Agilent's CEO

Mike McMullen became the third CEO in Agilent Technologies’ history on March 18, 2015, replacing William (Bill) Sullivan. McMullen brings strong leadership skills to the role, with more than 30 years of industry experience and senior management experience at Agilent.

Joining Hewlett-Packard Co., Agilent's predecessor, in 1984, McMullen quickly became known as an inspiring leader who could deliver transformative business results. Most recently, McMullen was Agilent’s president and chief operating officer. Prior to that, he was president of Agilent's Chemical Analysis Group. Under his leadership, the business consistently achieved market-leading profitability.

McMullen earned a bachelor's degree in economics and finance from University of Delaware and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is married and has two sons.

McMullen becomes Agilent’s CEO as the company makes its next leap in the fast-growing life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company is now 100-percent focused on these markets, and McMullen is positioning the team to empower breakthroughs in human health and the quality of life. "From helping our customers find cures for cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease to ensuring that the food we eat is safe and our water and air are pure — what could be more important or fundamental in life?"

He joined the company (then part of Hewlett-Packard) 30 years ago "because it was a technology leader, it was filled with smart colleagues I could learn from — and most of all, it was a company that made a difference in the world. I thought it was an amazing place to work — and I feel even more so today."

McMullen has served in finance, sales and business-group leadership positions, including a five-year special assignment in Japan, during which he introduced the first life sciences channel in the company. McMullen is the architect and leader of Agilent's strategy for growth in China. He has championed multiple acquisitions that have strengthened the company's position in growing markets. McMullen credits his HP/Agilent experience and mentors — such as former CEO Bill Sullivan — as "providing learning opportunities that rival anything the top graduate programs can offer." McMullen was featured in the 3rd edition of Leading Out Loud.

He says he is "honored to continue Agilent's rich heritage" as the company's president and CEO.

McMullen, raised in Newark, Delaware, joined DuPont after earning his undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics at the University of Delaware. As DuPont was the company to work for in that region, McMullen's parents were a bit shocked when he took one of the first big risks of his career — leaving the known success of DuPont, the hometown favorite, for the California-based Hewlett-Packard Co. "I've always looked for opportunities to grow, to try something that can help me make better decisions and live life more fully."

His passion for business and for challenging himself led him to the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, where he earned an M.B.A. with honors. He returned to HP in 1988 and hasn't looked back.

Agilent's president and CEO enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, travelling or beachside, and rooting for his hometown sports teams. With his recent move to California, he expects that a few more teams will soon become favorites. "Sports teams have their ups and downs, but I know Agilent's team will always be the best in the business."



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