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Online SPE Water Solution

Online SPE Water Solution

Emerging Contaminants Analysis Using The Online – SPE Solution

It is important to protect both human health and the environment from organic impurities in water. Regardless of their origin or application, water supplies need to be monitored and analysts require robust, accurate and efficient methods for quantifying organic impurities.

Traditional methods of detecting and analyzing organic contaminants have required very large sample volumes and rigorous, time-consuming and energy intensive extraction techniques. Using such techniques it was highly problematic to meet the required detection limits quickly and efficiently in order to meet regulatory targets.

In order to meet this challenge, Agilent has developed a range of sample preparation and automation solutions that increase efficiency and sensitivity. The Online SPE Solution enables the enrichment of analytes and removal of matrix elements in an analysis process that delivers low detection limits and high throughput.

The SPE platform is combined with the Agilent 6460 Series Triple Quadrupole LC/MS, MassHunter Software, HPLC columns and our Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges. The combined solution allows small sample sizes to be tested in fast and cost-effective process that enables high performance separation of trace organic contaminants.

The built-in solvent selection valves are very effective for SPE conditioning and the system features options for direct injection, high volume injection and flask sampling. The solution will enable analysts to protect water supplies better by increasing monitoring efficiencies so that laboratories can run more samples each day, analyse smaller sample volumes and use less solvents, all while maintaining required detection limits.