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Refinery Fuel & Gas Analyzers

Refinery Fuel & Gas Analyzers

Rapid, Accurate and Reliable Gas Analysis

The conversion of crude oil, a complex mixture of many chemical compounds, into usable fractions involves a difficult, multi-stage process of distillation and chemical reactions. Process engineers are required to manage complex processes that separate crude oil into different component fractions based on boiling point ranges.

The scale and associated economics of these processes demand specialized characterization of crude oil and its fractions in order to plan processing, ensure product quality and optimize operational expenditures. Such specialized characterization helps refineries to maximize profitability and efficiency. The characterization of boiling point distribution within a crude sample prior to processing allows operators to make informed planning decisions regarding cracking and process optimization.

By meeting the demand for petroleum products, your business helps to fuel the global economy. Successful refining processes depend upon safe, reliable, and efficient production to ensure a consistent flow of these products to consumers.

For decades, Agilent has provided refiners with reliable analytical solutions designed to meet the measurement challenges associated with refining, distillation, output characterization and additional downstream processes. Our suite of advanced analytical products, including GC, Micro GC, Software, GC Columns and associated accessories, helps laboratories generate actionable data at lower costs, for optimized processes and increased efficiency.

Agilent produces a portfolio of pre-configured, tested, easy-to-use analyzer solutions that help refiners plan optimum refining strategies, and protect expensive catalysts used throughout the process. These analyzers produce actionable data that help operators to make decisions that maximize production efficiencies and prevent disruptions due to environmental events.

Find the analytical solution that meets your standards for crude oil such as ASTM, ISO, GPA, UOP, GB/T, SH/T