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Mobile Natural Gas

Mobile Natural Gas

Take Natural Gas Analysis Mobile Without Sacrificing the Results

The Natural Gas (NG) market is broken into four discrete segments: exploration, liquefaction, transportation, and regasification. All four of these segments require diligent and accurate characterization of the Natural gas to ensure maximum efficiency in investment and operational expenditures. Since the two key aspects of characterization are diligence and accuracy, the benefits taking the analysis onsite with micro GC analysis can offer unprecedented performance in both of the two critical aspects mentioned.

Natural gas is traded on its energy content and therefore the analysis of the chemical composition and calorific value is of high importance for all stakeholders. That is where our 490 Micro GC based Natural Gas Analyzer can play a significant role.

The 490 Micro GC Natural Gas Analyzers are shipped as a total solution; the analyzers are factory tuned, for optimal separation, and come with final test data, a complete method, a user manual, and a check-out sample. Easy-to-use software is available for the calculation of all required physical properties.

Find the analytical solution that meets your standards for natural gas such as ASTM, ISO, GPA, UOP, GB/T, SH/T