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Immunology Research

Immunology Research

Measure and tune the drivers of immune cell fate and function

Metabolism is intimately linked to many aspects of immune cell biology. Whether your research focuses on immune cell activation, expansion, differentiation, signaling or suppression, measuring the influence of metabolic programs on immune cell biology provides insight into how nutrients and pathways drive immune cell processes. Immunometabolism is a rapidly growing area of research, driving discovery of novel, innovative strategies to modulate and control immune cell fate and function.

Agilent Seahorse XF technology provides tools to explore the upstream biology and cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling immune cell response through live cell, real-time metabolic analysis.

Learn about how immunologists are using Seahorse XF technology to:

  • Quantify activation kinetics in a variety of immune cell types.
  • Monitor metabolic phenotype and fitness.
  • Measure immune cell life cycle, lineage, and checkpoints.

New approaches to immune cell activation T cell / Macrophage / Neutrophil

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