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UV-Vis-NIR External Diffuse Reflectance accessories

UV-Vis-NIR External Diffuse Reflectance accessories

The External Diffuse Reflectance Accessories (DRAs) available for the Cary 4000, 5000, and 6000i UV-Vis instruments take advantage of the photometric performance of the spectrophotometers for the highest accuracy and precision in materials analysis.
External DRA-900 (PMT) With exceptionally low photometric noise, wide photometric range, and good linearity, the DRA-900 sets industry standards for research and reference work.
External DRA-1800 (PMT/InGaAs) The DRA-1800’s superior signal-to-noise, detection limits, and scan rates get cleaner spectra with better resolution more quickly.
External DRA-2500 (PMT/PbS) The Cary 5000’s PbSmart technology extends the performance of PbS detectors. The PbS NIR detector is peltier cooled and optimized in real time.

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