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Retention Time Locking

Retention Time Locking

Good gas chromatography techniques require consistent retention times.  When a research lab develops a method for a new product using a GC/MS, the QC lab must run large numbers using a FID or ECD to ensure quality, requires consistent retention times.  When a method for a single quadrupole GC/MS or a triple quadrupole GC/MS is developed on one instrument and shared across multiple instruments to ensure quality data the peaks must remain in the isolation windows, requires consistent retention times. Deconvolution Reporting Software (DRS) Libraries with RTL for Pesticides, Air Toxins, Metabolomics, and Forensics provide even better search results with consistent retention times.
Retention Time Locking on the 7890 Series GC and 6850 II GC  systems provides consistent retention time capability not possible with other tools.  This capability provides analysts and laboratory QC departments assured consistent data quality.

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