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Steps to creating a SureVector map:

  1. Select a bacterial origin of replication.
  2. Select a promoter or a promoter-tag fusion.
  3. Select a tag (skip this step if you selected a promoter-tag fusion).
  4. Select a bacterial selection marker.
  5. Select additional options for functionality in yeast or mammalian cells.
  6. Select mammalian or yeast selection marker.
  7. Supply your 5'-3' gene-of-interest in the sense strand direction (start codon to stop codon) by uploading a fastA file or pasting the sequence in the box.
  8. Click create, review your configuration and order the corresponding SureVector kits.

Making your gene-of-interest SureVector compatible:
If amplifying from an existing template,

*Note that cleavage sites can be added before the start codon and/or after the stop codon, if desired.


Order from:

Custom fragment or GOI (requires a SureVector kit)

Single SureVector construct, pre-assembled