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Operating Supplies Kits for ICP-MS

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Basic consumables kit for 7700, 7800, 7850, 7900, 8800 and 8900 ICP-MS fitted with x-lens and vacuum pump using AVF Platinum pump oil. Contents: peristaltic pump tubes for sample, Tygon, 3-stop, white/white, 12/pk (G1833-65569), peristaltic pump tubes for waste, Ismaprene, 3-stop, yellow/blue (G1833-65570), peristaltic pump tubes for internal standard, Tygon, 2-stop, blue/orange, 12/pk (G3280-67047), PFA sample tubing, 0.5 mm id, 1.6 mm od, 5 m (G1820-65105), graphite gaskets for sampling cone, 3/pk (G3280-67009), rough pump oil, AVF Platinum 1 L (X3760-64004), and torch, quartz, 2.5 mm id (G3280-80053)

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$1,256.00 /1 Kit

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Instrument Compatibility
  • 7700
  • 7800
  • 7850
  • 7900
  • 8800
  • 8900
  • 41113000