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GlykoPrep Technology

GlykoPrep N-glycan prep with InstantPC, 96-ct complete kit (formerly ProZyme) a novel instant glycan labeling reagent for MS that provides increased MS and fluorescent sensitivity. InstantPC forms a stable urea linkage with glycosylamines released by N-Glycanase (PNGase F) digestion. GlykoPrep N-glycan sample preparation is a cartridge based workflow with rapid digestion, instant labeling, and cleanup of excess InstantPC label. Includes GS96-RX digestion module, GS96-PC InstantPC labeling module, GS96-CU cleanup module.

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  • Optional protein A purification for monoclonal antibodies and Fc proteins (G5524-60010 KIT)
  • Nonselective, rapid release and recovery of intact N-Glycans from up to 96 glycoprotein samples at a time using a microplate centrifuge
  • Nonselective chemistry for stoichiometric labeling of glycans, independent of structure
  • Flexible, high-throughput format: process 1 to 192 samples per run (2 kits simultaneously)
  • InstantDye labeling of N-glycans with InstantPC provides high fluorescence and MS signal
  • Labeled glycans are eluted in low volume and ready for analysis without concentrating or drying
Kit Configuration
  • Sample Prep Kit
  • 96
  • LC & LC/MS
Prep time (approx)
  • 3 hours
Equipment and Reagents Provided by User
  • Heater and incubation blocks, capable of 50–100°C, available from Agilent (GS150)
  • AssayMAP Labware (AM200)
  • Centrifuge (capable of 50 - 1000 x g) and deep microplate rotor with clearance of minimum 44 mm height
  • Ultrapure, deionized water
  • Acetonitrile (ACN, 100%, HPLC-grade)
  • Formic acid (HPLC-grade)

2-AB Microfuge Method

User manual for 2-AB Microfuge Method

InstantPC Microfuge Method

User manual for Microfuge IPC