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α(1-2)-Mannosidase (Aspergillus saitoi), (formerly ProZyme) 2mU. Releases α(1-2)-linked mannose residues from the nonreducing terminus of oligosaccharides. Used in exoglycosidase sequencing. Includes 5x reaction buffer (500 mM sodium acetate pH 5.0)

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Enzyme Specificity
  • The enzyme specifically cleaves a(1-2)-linked mannose from the nonreducing terminus of glycans. As such it is extremely valuable in identifying this type of linkage and, in particular, the presence of high mannose-type N-glycans that are digested to the Man-5 structure.
Enzyme Unit Definition
  • One Unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that will release 1 µmole of mannose from methyl-2-O-α-D-mannopyranosyl-α-D-mannopyranoside per minute at pH 5.0 and 37°C.
Enzyme Formulation
  • Lyophilized from water containing 250 µg/ml bovine serum albumin.
Enzyme Source
  • Aspergillus saitoi.
  • 2 mU
Molecular Weight
  • ~51 kD
pH Optimum
  • 5