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α(1-2,3,4,6)-Fucosidase (bovine kidney), 500 mU (formerly ProZyme). A broad specificity; releases nonreducing terminal α(1-2,3,4,6)-linked fucose from N- and O-glycans. Cleaves α(1-6) core fucose (linked to the innermost GlcNAc of N-glycans) more efficiently than other α-fucose linkages. Includes 5x buffer (500 mM sodium citrate/phosphate pH 6.0, 250 ug/ml BSA) which when diluted gives 100 mM sodium citrate phosphate pH 6.0.

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Enzyme Specificity
  • The enzyme has broad substrate specificity, cleaving a(1-2,3,4,6)-linked fucose from N- and O-glycans. It cleaves a(1-6) linked fucose on the trimannosyl core of N-linked oligosaccharides more efficiently than other a-fucose linkages. The fine specificity of the enzyme is complicated since the aglycon portion of the substrate significantly influences the substrate kinetics. The rate of cleavage is lower with increasing oligosaccharide size and complexity.
Enzyme Applications
  • Bovine derived a-fucosidase has been extensively used in the sequence analysis of N-glycans. It has also been used for analysis and modification of glycoconjugates including blood group oligosaccharides and glycolipids.
Enzyme Unit Definition
  • One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to hydrolyze 1 µmole of pNP-α-fucopyranoside per minute at pH 6.0 and 37°C.
Enzyme Formulation
  • Lyophilized from 20 mM sodium citrate phosphate, 0.25 mg/ml BSA (pH 6.0)
Enzyme Source
  • Bovine kidney.
  • 500 mU
Molecular Weight
  • 210-220 kD
pH Optimum
  • 6