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Glycan Hydrazinolysis Kit (formerly ProZyme). Nonselective release and recovery of intact glycans from glycoproteins using hydrazinolysis. Up to 18 samples may be processed (3 batches of 6).

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Equipment and Reagents Provided by User
  • Glass syringe, gas-tight with Teflon plunger
  • Lyophilizer
  • Desiccator with suitable drying agent
  • Heating block (for 12-mm vials), sand bath or dry oven set to 60°C or 95°C
  • CAP Type I water supply (Milli-Q or equivalent)
  • Dialysis membrane (5 - 10 kDa cutoff)
  • SpeedVac evaporator or equivalent with a rotor for 12-mm (outer diameter) vials or vacuum evaporator with charcoal/alumina trap.
  • Vortex mixer
  • Dry nitrogen or argon (optional)
  • 18
  • Cleavage independent of the glycan structure or the primary sequence of the glycoprotein. Glycan recovery typically 90%. Released glycans contain a free reducing end. Cleavage differentiation between N- and O-linked glycans. Sample size: 50 - 500 µg. Up to 18 individual samples (3 batches of 6).

GK50202 GlycoRelease Glycan Hydrazinolysis Kit user manual

User manual GK50202 GlycoRelease Glycan Hydrazinolysis Kit