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Raw Material Identification in Pharma QC

Raw Material Identification in Pharma QC

Rapidly confirm the integrity of raw materials through colored and opaque packaging and containers, and streamline the drug manufacturing process

Confident identification and ensuring the quality of incoming raw materials is a critical step in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Strict regulatory guidelines make testing all incoming raw materials mandatory, and 100% testing is increasingly being adopted by manufacturers worldwide. Traditional testing methods require containers to be opened for sampling, and this becomes progressively more time consuming and labor intensive as the requirement for 100% testing increases. Agilent offers fast analytical systems that eliminate the need to open containers, allowing raw material identification to be carried out upon receipt in the warehouse. Through-container testing dramatically streamlines raw material identification. Lengthy testing or sample handling can slow down the release of raw materials and their use in subsequent manufacturing. Verifying the identity of incoming raw materials through packaging gives pharmaceutical manufacturers the fastest and most cost-effective means of high throughput testing for quality control. Through-container testing also averts concerns about sterility, cross-contamination, and safe handling.

The Agilent Vaya Raman and RapID Raman systems use unique spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) to verify the contents of containers through transparent and opaque/colored packaging in seconds, enabling immediate raw material release into production. Vaya’s portability and through-barrier capability makes it the ideal handheld system for all testing regimes. RapID can be deployed when working with the most challenging opaque containers. The bottom line: raw material QC testing can be reduced from hours or days to only minutes per batch.

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