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Analyzers for Biofuels

Analyzers for Biofuels

Confident assessment of product uniformity, quality & calorific value

Global pressures to reduce dependence on fossil fuels drive demand for sustainable, reliable, and clean alternative energy sources that fuels a steady increase in biofuels and biogas research.

Vegetable oil derivatives (biodiesel) have successfully powered a variety of vehicles, while reducing engine wear and generating lower sulfur and CO2 emissions. Biodiesel produced from many different oils creates product quality and uniformity challenges. Success depends upon efficiently characterizing raw materials, monitoring chemical conversions, and validating product quality. Agilent produces automated sample preparation and analytical solutions that help speed up this process.

However, concerns over the potential contamination of diesel with biodiesel remain, and producers require the capability to perform rapid field characterizations of diesel composition (including the identification of unknown materials) and contamination level.

In addition, Biogas originates from the fermentation and digestion of organic materials, and therefore its composition relates directly to its organic material origin. Rapid characterization of calorific value allows users to determine energy availability and decide whether direct usage or blending with other hydrocarbon streams, to ensure consistent BTU values and energy production, is required.

With over a decade of experience, Agilent has developed an extensive portfolio of solutions or alternative energy analysis that helps producers and regulators meet the monitoring and reporting requirements governing this industry. The Biofuel GC Analyzers and Renewable Energy GC Analyzers include guaranteed analytical methods and advanced features that allow customers to quickly validate methods conforming to international ASTM and CEN standards for FAMEs, glycerin/glyceride, and trace methanol measurements.

Our Biodiesel Analyzers, configured around the Agilent 7890 GC, efficiently monitor product composition, physical properties and quality, while MicroGC Analyzers enable the characterization of biogas composition and calorific value wherever and whenever it’s required. We also provide FTIR systems allow for field verification of fuel purity and diesel composition.

Find the analytical solution that meets your standards for bioenergy such as ASTM, ISO, GPA, UOP, GB/T, SH/T