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UV-Vis-NIR VW Absolute Specular Reflectance accessory

UV-Vis-NIR VW Absolute Specular Reflectance accessory

This item has been discontinued.

For Cary 100 and 300 UV-Vis spectrophotometers
The VW Absolute Specular Reflectance Accessory is designed to measure mirror-like reflectance off sample surfaces such as mirrors or surfaces covered with glossy paints. Its wide applications include determining the degree of polishing of an optical surface and measuring the film thickness of thin coatings.

The single bounce technique is used for maximum light throughput to measure samples with very low reflectance such as anti-reflection coatings. A mirror of known reflectivity next to the sample reflects the first bounce of the light. The sample then reflects the second bounce. The data is corrected for the mirror’s contribution to the signal.

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