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Alissa Interpret

Alissa Interpret

Alissa Interpret, the next evolution of Cartagenia Bench, is variant assessment support software for clinical genetics and molecular pathology labs. Alissa helps labs reduce turnaround time by automating variant triage, classification, curation, annotation and by connecting to knowledge resources so variants can be interpreted in their clinical context. Actionable, clinical-grade reports are easily drafted.

On a single workflow platform, Alissa Interpret builds variant assessments for both inherited disease and somatic assays and evaluates molecular and structural variants, including SNPs, indels, CNVs, LOH, and translocations/fusion genes, all on a single sample. Interpret caters to the clinical genetics lab's requirement for implementing ACMG guidelines in routine diagnostics workflows, as well as the molecular pathology lab's need for generating evidence based on integrated oncology-specific knowledge.

Alissa Interpret for Clinical Genetics
Alissa Interpret for Molecular Pathology

Alissa Interpret is a USA Class I Exempt Medical Device, Europe CE IVD, Canada and Australia Class I IVD Device.

Intended Use Statement

Alissa Interpret software is intended for variant storage, visualization, and annotation using public, commercial and customer internal data sources. It allows end users to set up pipelines to perform or automate the triage and classification of genetic variants. It provides features for recording variant assessments and the drafting of variant analysis reports. The integration capabilities allow for the automated exchange of variant and report information with external software systems.

Alissa Interpret software is intended to be used by trained lab professionals, clinical geneticists and molecular pathologists as a decision-support software platform for the analysis and interpretation of genetic variants identified in human samples in the context of clinical information recorded for a sample.

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