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218 Solvent Delivery Module

218 Solvent Delivery Module

From the analytical range well into preparative HPLC with up to 50 mm column id, each Agilent 218 Solvent Delivery Module provides maximum flexibility and performance. Either for isocratic or gradient operation or as an injection pump, they operate at flow rates from 0.01 mL/min to 200 mL/min at backpressures up to 8,700 psi. To rapidly change from analytical to preparative configurations, simply loosen a finger-tight clamp and arrange the appropriate plumbing.

The dependable performance is derived from a rugged single-piston, rapid-refill design with few moving parts. The piston wash option dramatically extends seal life in bio-chromatography with high concentration salt buffers. PEEK and titanium pump heads are available to protect biological samples even from trace amounts of metal ions.

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