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1260 Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary Pump

1260 Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary Pump

The Agilent 1260 Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary Pump is a highly corrosion resistant titanium pump, ideally suited for biological and extreme pH applications. Based on the Agilent 1260 Infinity Quaternary Pump it features a pressure range of up to 600 bar and a flow rate up to 10 mL/min (at 200 bar), allowing the use of almost any column – conventional, sub-2 µm-particle or superficially porous columns.

When using this pump with other 1260 Infinity Bio-inert modules, the 1260 Infinity Bio-inert LC System is the only metal free sample flow path UHPLC system in the industry. Together with the Agilent Bio-HPLC column portfolio for SEC and IEX, highest resolution per time is achieved for protein and NBE characterization.

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