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Split/Splitless Inlet  Gold Seals

Split/Splitless Inlet Gold Seals

Even small leaks in the split/splitless injection port can reduce system sensitivity, cause poor signal to noise ration, increase column bleed, and even shorten column lifetime. Using a patent pending manufacturing process, our inlet gold seals eliminate tiny leaks from machining that can negatively impact your GC performance. Our gold seal is made with a metal injection molding process that provides a consistent, smooth surface, without ridges and grooves from a machined process. The seals are then polished and gold plated for smooth surface. For convenience, the gold seals are carefully packaged with the inlet seal washer.

To prevent loss of active analytes due to adsorption or decomposition during sample vaporization, Agilent proprietary Ultra Inert chemical deactivation process is available on top of the gold plating making the best sealing surface the most inert! Inertness is added to the best sealing surface for inlets. For best trace level analysis, use Ultra Inert gold seals along with other Agilent Inert Flow Path components to obtain inertness from injection through detection.

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