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Low Thermal Mass LTM II Columns

Low Thermal Mass LTM II Columns

Agilent J&W LTM column modules combine a high quality fused silica capillary column with heating and temperature sensing components for a low thermal mass column assembly. The LTM column module contains a patented design which heats and cools the column very efficiently for significantly shorter analytical cycle times compared to conventional air-bath GC oven techniques, while simultaneously using less power.
J&W LTM II Low Thermal Mass Column Modules for 7890 Series GC systems are available in a wide variety of Wall Coated Open Tubular (WCOT) and select Porous Layer Open Tubular (PLOT) column configurations.
The LTM II transfer line module provides the interface between the standard LTM II 5 in column module and the GC oven. The transfer line module has two heated tubes (transfer lines) through which the column leads pass from the LTM column module into the oven. These transfer lines are temperature programmable to prevent cold spots in the sample path between the GC oven and the LTM column assembly. Each LTM column module attaches to a transfer line module, and the resulting module assembly inserts into slots in the LTM oven door.

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