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Rapid Mix accessory SFA-20

Rapid Mix accessory SFA-20

The Hi-Tech Scientific SFA-20 series is a set of stopped-flow, rapid kinetics accessories used to mix reagents and measure short-lived reactions. The SFA-20 has an empirical dead time of less than <8 ms, and when used with Cary UV/Vis Spectrophotometers and Fluorimeters, it monitors reaction rates up to 100 s-1. The SFA-20 is available in three additional versions. The SFA-20M micro-volume version has a dead volume of just 350 µL per reagent for limited volume applications. The SFA-20mx multi-mixing version incorporates two mixers separated by a 10 µL delay loop for mixing two non-reactive reagents before introducing a third. The SFA-20mxM micro-volume, multi-mixing version combines the attributes of the SFA-20M and the SFA-20mx. Optional Extras include a Pneumatic Drive Attachment, Anaerobic Kit and a range of different size drive syringes for variable ratio mixing applications.

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