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SureSelectXT RNA Direct

Enhanced RNA-Seq Optimized for FFPE Samples

Agilent’s SureSelectXT RNA Direct Library Preparation kit enables you to perform targeted RNA-Seq from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) or intact RNA using Agilent’s SureSelect capture technology.

Sequence RNA, Even Degraded RNA Samples Derived from FFPE Blocks

Its challenging to generate sequencing data from FFPE samples given the low quality of RNA extracted from these important clinical samples. SureSelectXT RNA Direct was optimized to give you great RNA-Seq results even when you don’t always have control over RNA quality.

Sensitive Detection of Fusion RNAs using Targeted RNA Sequencing

Often biologically significant RNAs are present at very low abundance and can easily drop off in Whole-Transcriptome Sequencing when you are sequencing so many more high abundance RNAs. Agilent’s SureSelect RNA Capture technology enables you to enrich and then sequence these low-frequency targets (fusions, transcripts, SNPs/alleles).

Robust Gene Expression Regardless of RNA Quality

Ideally, when comparing gene expression results between different sample storage methods [FFPE vs. fresh frozen(FF)], results should correlate well. SureSelectXT RNA Direct has been validated to produce libraries that give strong correlating results giving you confidence in your gene expression data, even when working with different sample storage methods.

Streamlined Workflow

SureSelectXT RNA Direct improves upon traditional RNA-Seq workflows to have less steps and hence less places for the introduction of bias or error.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures