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SureSelectQXT Reagent Kits Details & Specifications


Assays of high sensitivity and minimal turn-around time that generate unambiguous results from minimal sample input are becoming essential. From the leader in target enrichment, SureSelectQXT reagent kits enable single molecule resolution of variants with a streamlined same day sample to sequencing workflow from only 50 ng sample input. This is at least 3.5x faster with 30% less hands-on time compared to other transposase-based enrichment products (Figure 1).

Exceptional coverage and uniformity from SureSelectQXT

Figure 1. Excellent coverage of targeted bases at 20x coupled with superior on-target metric (A) and exceptional uniformity (B) enables decreased sequencing requirement while enabling confident variant calling (SureSelect Human All Exon V5, 4 Gb sequencing)

Streamlined workflow

SureSelectQXT kits for Illumina sequencing couple a convenient, shearing-free, transposase-based library prep protocol with a quick 90 minute hybridization technology for the only same day sample to sequencing capture-based enrichment solution in the market (Figure 2). This revolutionary workflow greatly accelerates turn-around time from sample to data while providing deep coverage of genomic regions of interest, greatly advancing clinical research sequencing. SureSelectQXT requires only 50 ng of sample input, allowing analysis of a wide range of sample types including those with limited availability. These features allow generation of data with high sensitivity and accuracy for confident variant calling of every sample, every single time.

Uncompromised performance

Exome enrichment using SureSelectQXT kits provides coverage of 80% of targeted bases at 20x, providing support for variant calling, from only 4 Gb of sequencing. SureSelectQXT’s superior performance in variant detection is enabled by SureSelect’s proven hybridization technology, optimized to reduce hybridization time down to only 90 minutes, and the comprehensive exome design. Together, these ensure complete and accurate profiling of genomic regions of interest with the least amount of sequencing (figure 3).

Accelerated discovery for your regions of interest

Easily create custom panels using SureDesign, a web-based tool that supports creation of custom target enrichment panels allowing focused interrogation of regions of interest. Faster time to results for profiling exomes or custom genomic targets is enabled by SureCall, a simplified raw data to variant analysis software.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures