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SureSelect Panels - Details & Specifications

SureSelect Kinome Kit offers simple and easy target enrichment for known kinases in the human genome. Kinases play an important role in cell signaling pathways, and mutations that affect kinases have been implicated in a number of disease states, including cancer.

In the SureSelect Human Kinome kit, capture probes target 3.2 Mb of the human genome and include greater-than 500 known kinases, select cancer-specific genes and their associated UTRs.

SureSelect Human Kinome kit was designed in collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). Original content defined by Prof. René Bernards – NKI.

The SureSelect Human Kinome kit contains

As with other SureSelect kits, SureSelect Kinome Kit uses 120-bp biotinylated RNA oligos as probes for the most efficient capture of specific target subsets of the genome, with superior uniformity of coverage and high alignment rates. Single tube reactions enable scalability and automation, and custom content can be designed easily using eArray, Agilent’s online oligo design application.

Use this research kit to

  • Target over 500 kinases to accelerate path to biomarker discovery
  • Achieve high coverage depth and multiplexing levels with targeted capture design

Target kinase genes with a high degree of efficiency. The SureSelect Human Kinome kit is highly reproducible across a variety of samples providing excellent coverage depth to accurately call SNPs. Data shown represent four samples multiplexed in a single illumina GA II lane.

Highly sensitive assay with greater than 99.5% efficiency in calling homozygous and heterozygous genotypes.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures