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SureSelect Custom DNA/RNA - Details & Specifications

SureSelect is the market leading target enrichment solution and has enabled geneticists worldwide to perform cutting edge research which has led to the greatest number of discoveries and peer-reviewed publications when compared to competing products. Researchers have been this successful because of the high performance of the SureSelect technology. Adapted from the hybrid selection method originally developed by Gnirke et al* at the Broad Institute and continually improved since release in 2009, the SureSelect platform of products offers researchers a very reliable, cost-effective and consistent method for querying genomic targets of interest across a variety of species.

Fig. 1 High Percent on Target and Efficient Coverage

Sample data demonstrating typical performance of SureSelect capture designs. Data shows high specificity and efficient coverage.

* Nature Biotechnology 27, 182-189 (2009)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures