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Open Access LC/MS

Open Access LC/MS

Take out the complexity and enable LC and LC/MS analysis for experts and nonexperts alike

In the modern drug discovery environment, speed to decision is critical. Today, analysts face challenges to confidently answer everyday research questions with quick turnaround times. This necessitates the use of fast and intuitive chromatography and mass spectrometry systems that can be operated by both chemists and biologists, even if they are not analytical instrumentation experts. Agilent’s open access software allows nonexpert LC and LC/MS users to perform analysis with maximum efficiency, to solve routine challenges with ease and unprecedented flexibility.

Agilent’s open access MassHunter WalkUp software centralizes access to and administration of OpenLab-and MassHunter-controlled LC and LC/MS instruments (SQ, TOF, and Q-TOF) for a wide variety of pharmaceutical applications and analytes. MassHunter WalkUp software allows the lab administrator to easily support, schedule, and maintain an LC/MS system that is operated by multiple users. Users can simply "walk up" to the LC or LC/MS system, identify themselves, input basic sample information and choose from a list of analytical methods or purification schemes. Sample submitters are prompted where to place their samples. Results are sent by email when the sample analyses are completed. It’s that simple and user-friendly. MassHunter WalkUp allows open access mass-based purification with LC/MS systems (InfinityLab LC/MSD and LC/MSD XT) to simultaneous purify and confirm compounds with high analytical resolution.

You can rely on Agilent’s open access software for powerful yet straightforward tools to manage the lab from anywhere on the network. This increases user’s efficiency, consistency, and throughput and minimize the errors associated with maintaining multiple diverse workflows. Agilent provides ideal analytical solutions for the complete chemistry workflow, from analysis to purification, enabling the user to make the right decisions faster.

Remove the complexity and get “samples to answers” solution confidently with Agilent’s quality instruments, columns, software, and service.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.