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Nucleic Acid Analysis

Nucleic Acid Analysis

Identify & Monitor Impurities Throughout The Olignonucleotides Synthesis Process

Synthetic oligonucleotides have emerged as promising therapeutic agents for the treatment of a variety of diseases, including some viral infections and cancer. Several classes of nucleic acids, such as antisense oligonucleotides, small interfering RNAs (siRNAs), and aptamers are being investigated for therapeutic applications. Impurities arising from incomplete capping of coupling reactions, product-related impurities, impurities in the starting materials, and post-synthesis processing must be monitored, identified, and removed.

Growth in the genomics field has increased the need for pure synthetic oligonucleotides, and for ways in which to analyze these oligonucleotides and oligonucleotide products of various genomic assays. HPLC is widely used for the purification and analysis of these oligonucleotides due to its selectivity, automation, and robustness.

Agilent offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for identifying and monitoring impurities throughout the oligonucleotides synthesis process using LC/MS, liquid chromatography systems, and column chemistries.