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Product Quality & Defect Analysis

Product Quality & Defect Analysis

Thin films and multilayer coatings require high transmission and reflectance quality and control, to ensure the manufacturing of high quality products.

For superior thin film analysis the Cary-7000-Universal-Measurement-Spectrophotometer-(UMS) measures both transmission and reflectance from exactly the same point, eliminating systematic errors due to different measurement angles and locations. Thin film applications and quality control processes significantly benefit from the high precision and consistent multi-angle spectrophotometric performance of the Cary 7000 UMS, particularly in multi-layer applications, with data collection automated for greater efficiency.

Fast and flexible analysis of surface treatments and coatings is vital to ensure product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Flexibility of both mobile and in-lab analysis provides fast and efficient measurement at the point of production, for products that cannot be moved to the lab, and for treatments on large surfaces. Manufacturers need solutions that will increase the speed of coatings and surface treatment analysis processes without sacrificing quality of output, and Agilent's industry-leading range of FTIR instruments for both laboratory and portable measurement provides unprecedented flexibility across a range of applications.

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