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Pesticides Monitoring and Analysis in Water Supplies

Pesticides & Herbicides compounds used to control weeds, mold, bacteria, insects, and rodents are widely used throughout the world. Due to their widespread use, agricultural chemicals find their way into the food chain, water supply, and soil resulting in potentially dangerous exposure levels to humans. While not fully understood, exposure to pesticides may interfere with neurological development and disrupt a person’s endocrine system.

Currently several hundred pesticides across the globe are regulated and monitored in the environment at trace levels. Agilent’s complete workflow solutions for pesticides analysis include sample preparation products, chromatography, mass spectrometry, data reporting and expert application services, provide everything needed to tackle challenges associated with pesticide analysis in the environment.

Agilent also offers a portfolio of pesticide analyzers that are ready to run immediately after installation. A pre-configured system with the optimal columns, liner, purged ultimate union for column backflushing and retention-time-locked method are all installed at the factory. Systems are also tested and calibrated with known pesticide samples before being shipped and are then re-tested during installation for complete operational performance. The Triple Quadrupole GC/MS system comes with a curated, customizable and tested database of over 1000 pesticides and other contaminants that allows the user to be up and running almost instantly.

For a complete characterization and sensitive quantification of pesticides in the environment, both an LC-MS and GC-MS system are required. Agilent offers solutions for pesticide analysis and to perform regulatory methods in water and soil that are required across the globe on the 5977B Single quadrupole GC/MS, 7000 and 7010 Triple quadrupole GC/MS and 6400 series triple quadrupole LC/MS to provide users the complete pesticide analysis profile in the Environment.