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Natural Gas Analyzers

Natural Gas Analyzers

Rapid, Accurate and Reliable Characterization of Natural Gas Composition

Natural gas is a naturally occurring mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons that consists primarily of methane but can include other hydrocarbons and small amounts of impurities. The hydraulic fracturing of shale formations is driving significant growth in the global market for natural gas as new technologies and processes make extraction more efficient.

The value of the gas during trading is determined by its chemical composition, but before natural gas can be sold it is required to meet specifications for calorific value and purity. In order to achieve this an array of precise analytical process are required during collection, processing, transmission and distribution, and these methods must be achieved efficiently and to the required levels of sensitivity.

In meeting these challenges Agilent provides a suite of pre-configured and chemically tested analyzers for laboratory, at-line and field evaluation of natural gas, natural gas liquids and the by-products resulting from natural gas processing. All of our equipment is also enhanced and supported by a range of advanced sample prep and software solutions.

In addition our instruments enable the characterization of production by-products – such as ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes and hydrogen sulfide – which must occur prior to use in downstream processes. Our Agilent GC and Micro GC Natural Gas Analyzers also measure permanent gases and hydrocarbon content, and can perform extended analysis of heavier hydrocarbons allowing your team to quickly and reliably monitor production processes.

Consumers use natural gas to generate electricity, heat buildings, and provide the energy needed to drive industrial processes, and it forms a large and important market segment. Our industry-leading analytical solutions provide the insights and action needed to ensure that all natural gas processes and outputs remain efficient and compliant at all stages to help producers better serve this market today and for the future.