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GC Analysis of Biofuels

GC Analysis of Biofuels

Improve Productivity of Your GC Analysis of Biofuels

The global pressure to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is driving an increasing demand for high quality alternative energy sources. As production sources and volumes proliferate, it is important that they meet and maintain environmental regulation standards in order to remain viable.

To meet the monitoring requirements, biofuel producers must analyze and evaluate the product’s changing physical properties, chemical composition and environmental impact at every stage of production, including final consumption.

GC offers a precise and efficient method for biofuels analysis and Agilent's enhanced techniques and approaches ensure that it is carried out to the required standard. It meets the challenges of difficult sample preparation, managing multiple methods for different analysis applications and coping with the presence of hydrocarbon interference.

Agilent’s 7890B GC and Biofuel Analyzers based on it are pre-tested and pre-configured to confidently characterize chemical conversions, monitor process efficiencies and validate biofuel quality immediately after installation. Our industry-leading instruments combine multiple methods into a single platform whilst automating sample prep and incorporating capillary flow technology Dean’s switch to reduce hydrocarbon interference.

Customers can choose from standard configurations as well as custom analyzers that meet specific QA requirements for milling, liquefaction, microbial fermentation, distillation, dehydration, wastewater treatment and other critical processes.

Find the analytical solution that meets your standards for bioenergy such as ASTM, ISO, GPA, UOP, GB/T, SH/T