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Mitochondrial function and glycolysis play critical roles in a variety of cellular processes, including cellular activation, proliferation, differentiation, cell death, and disease progression. Agilent Seahorse patented XF technology enables the measurement of several metabolic parameters and functions using live cells, in real time, enabling researchers to assess energy expenditure, substrate utilization, mitochondrial function, and general cellular homeostasis. XF technology is used with many different cell lines, including primary cells, adherent and suspension cell lines, isolated mitochondria, and islets, 3D cultures, Zebrafish embryos, C. elegans, D. melanogaster, yeast, and other biological materials. There are over 2500 publications that demonstrate the application of Agilent Seahorse XF technology in research areas such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, immunology, cardiovascular, neurobiology,  virology, aging, and more.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Aging Research

Applying Functional Metabolism to Aging Research

Assays under Hypoxic Conditions

Recapitulating in vivo Conditions to Study Metabolic Function

Cancer Research

Explore the Metabolic Drivers of Cancer Cell Biology

Cardiovascular Research

Exploring Mitochondrial Function and Cardiovascular Research

Cell Metabolism in Screening

Screening for Metabolic Phenotypes

Cell Physiology Research

Evaluating Changes in Cell Physiology

Immunology Research

Exploring the Role of Metabolism in Immune Function

Mitochondrial Disease Research

Determining Mitochondrial Gene Mutation Phenotypes

Model Organisms

Using Model Organisms to Study Functional Metabolism

Neurobiology Research

Investigating Metabolism and Neurological Function

Obesity, Diabetes, & Metabolic Disorders

Exploring Metabolic Syndromes and Cell Metabolism

Stem Cell Biology

Monitoring Stem Cell Metabolic Profiles and Switching

Toxicology & Hepatobiology

Assessing Mitochondrial and Metabolic Toxicity in Minutes

Translational Research

Researching Metabolic Function and Translational Research