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Small RNA Analysis - Details & Specifications

The Small RNA kit for the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer provides a fast and sensitive analysis to resolve small nucleic acids, typical applications are:

  • Analyze miRNA directly in total RNA or in enriched samples
  • Compare small RNA regions in extracts and tissues
  • Separate miRNA from other small RNAs.
  • Evaluate miRNA yields while optimizing extraction parameters

The electropherogram shows the analysis of the small RNA content (75 ng/µL) in a thymus total RNA sample. The miRNA and the small RNA region are indicated. (Application Note 5989-7870EN)


Analytical specifications Small RNA kit
total RNA
Quantitative range 50-2000 pg/µL of purified miRNA in water
Qualitative range 50-2000 pg/µL of purified miRNA in water
Size range 6-150 nt
Sensitivity (S/N>3)1 50 pg/µL in water
Quantitation reproducibility
(within a chip)
25% CV
Quantitation accuracy -
Maximum sample buffer strength 10 mM Tris
0.1 mM EDTA
Physical specifications
Analysis time 30 minutes
Samples per chip 11
Sample volume 1 µL
Kit stability ≥4 months at 4°C
Kit size 25 chips
11 samples/chip
= 275 samples/kit

1Measured for the 40 nt fragment of the Small RNA ladder

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures