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Advanced Replacement & Exchange

Advanced Replacement & Exchange

Maintain laboratory productivity by arranging for replacement equipment to be shipped when critical instruments need servicing. Ensuring that disruptions to your workflow are as minimal as possible is vital to the ongoing success of any laboratory, particularly where commercial pressures are high. Agilent provides a fast, easy and convenient exchange service with a wide range of stock held permanently in several locations around the world. Our advanced logistical infrastructure and experienced support team ensures an efficient service every time.

Service Details

  • Exchange failed units for models remanufactured and rebuilt to the same strict quality standards and specs as our new products.
  • Products can be returned using the supplied shipping box and pre-issued Return Authorization label you receive after completing the Request for Return form.
  • To enable immediate order processing, we keep stock in North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Additional Information

Further details on our specialist vacuum product support services are available on the pages below:

To view the entire range of Agilent's high quality vacuum products please view the product catalog.