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Oligonucleotide API Manufacturing

Oligonucleotide API Manufacturing

Agilent’s Nucleic Acid Solutions Division, an FDA Inspected Facility

Partner with Agilent’s Nucleic Acid Solutions Division and benefit from industry leading experience to efficiently advance your lead oligo candidates from clinic to market with a common goal of patient health and safety.

Agilent’s facility, located in Boulder, Colorado is equipped to serve all of your oligo API needs. The 69,000 square foot GMP facility houses multiple suites enabling the manufacture of several products simultaneously. A broad range of synthesis and purification equipment allows for production of grams for toxicology and pre-clinical use, to 10’s of kilograms for late-stage clinical trials and commercial launch.

Agilent is dedicated to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as defined by ICH for providing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Our quality policy and robust quality systems incorporate established ICH Standards, as well as other applicable guidelines, enabling us to provide oligo API world-wide.

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