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QPCR NGS Library Quantification Kits - Details & Specifications

The Agilent qPCR NGS Library Quantification kits provide an accurate and sensitive method for quantifying Illumina and AB SOLiD NGS libraries. These kits have been validated in the SureSelect Target Enrichment Protocol for barcoding and indexing applications.

When preparing DNA libraries for next generation sequencing, accurate quantification of the library molarity is required to ensure efficient data generation. Overly concentrated libraries will result in data that is often impossible to resolve. Conversely, concentrations that are too low can reduce sequencing coverage and read-length.

qPCR is a highly sensitive approach for quantifying a DNA NGS library. This technique uses a minimal amount of material compared to other quantification approaches and can be easily automated to facilitate high-throughput applications. The kit is compatible with libraries designed for the Illumina GA and AB SOLiD Sequencing Systems.

Kit Contents
  • Brilliant III Ultra- Fast SYBR┬« Green qPCR Master Mix
  • DNA standard of known concentration
  • Illumina kit standard (catalog #G4880A): 288-bp linear DNA target flanked with sequences identical to the Illumina GA library adapter sequences
  • AB SOLiD kit standard (catalog #G4881A): 280-bp linear DNA target flanked with sequences identical to the AB SOLiD library adapter sequences
  • Primers needed to amplify the DNA standard and the library
  • GC additive to improve quantification of libraries with >60% GC content

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures