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It’s more than just a vial…
It can affect your results and return on investment

Vials are a critical part of your analytical workflow—no less important than the column or the instrument. That is why all Agilent vials—including our NEW A-Line vials—undergo a comprehensive quality control process covering all aspects of the product lifecycle.

Agilent sample containment solutions include:

  • The largest portfolio of vials and caps, more than 600 products from 15 µL to 60 mL
  • A full portfolio of certified vials and caps
  • Full compatibility with a wide range of autosamplers, regardless of manufacturer
  • An easy selection tool to pick the right vials depending on your application and requirements
  • Best in glass: Agilent vials are made from type 33 and 51 glass, so you can rest assured that your results will not be compromised

Check the vials page for more details and ordering information.

Continuous innovation in glassware
enables superior outcomes

NEW Agilent A-Line vials

Simply put, A-Line vials are the best vials on the market today.

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A-Line vials innovation dramatically improved glass surface inertness.

  • Save hours of time: Dramatically reduce the number of sample reruns.
  • Get higher throughput: Surface inertness reduces peak response variability for more accurate results and less rework.
  • Attain consistent recoveries: Be confident you’re getting the most precise and consistent measurement from vial-to-vial, lot-to-lot, and over time, of low-level analytes.
  • Spend less: Save up to 25% on your laboratory spend by significantly reducing unplanned costs (such as troubleshooting, reruns, and downtime).
  • Conform with demanding and regulated environments: Our Certification of Analysis provides specific data confirming vial appropriateness.
  • Easily manage inventory: A-Line vials are designed to fit a variety of caps, including 2 mL autosampler caps.

See how Agilent A-Line vials deliver better analyte retention than the competition

vials comparison

Agilent A-Line vial shows superior analyte retention in this separation of doxepin.
Note: Tests were carried out by Agilent.

Limited time offer!
Buy two packs of A-Line vials and get another pack free*. Use promo code 1233. Buy now.

* A 33.3% promotion discount will be applied to all three vials. Additional quantities of the eligible products can also receive a 33.3% discount. The part numbers of the vials must be the same. Offer valid in US, Canada, LAR, EMEA, India, SAPK, Japan.

A-Line Vials Resource Pack

Cost Saving Resource Pack

  • Request this info pack to see how you can save up to 25% on your operating budget.
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A-Line Vials:
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Take a closer look at the Performance Boosting Agilent Vials Portfolio

Informative Brochure

Learn how Agilent vials can save you time and money—while giving you ultimate confidence in your results

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Informative Brochure

White Papers

See how analysts are using Agilent vials to minimize retention time shifting, peak tailing, poor resolution, and asymmetric peaks

Online Quick-Selection Tool

Choose the right vial, cap, and septa in just a few simple steps

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Online Quick-Selection Tool

Fast-Crimping Video

Watch how easy it is to cut your crimping
time in half

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Fast-Crimping Video

Quick-Reference Poster

Get fast facts about autosampler compatibility, vial selection, and more

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Quick-Reference Poster

Consistent quality, top performance

Only Agilent vials deliver time-saving—and cost-saving—advantages like these:

Vials Infographic

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.