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Agilent Ultra Inert Inlet Liners

Ghost Peaks? Undetected Peaks?

Agilent Ultra Inert GC inlet liners
help solve both problems

Agilent CrossLab

Surface adsorption due to active surfaces on your GC inlet liner could prove costly—if your peaks go undetected or if you see ghost peaks due to buildup. Agilent Ultra Inert inlet liners help ensure an inert flow path for sensitive, accurate, and reproducible trace-level analysis—particularly with challenging active compounds.

Every Ultra Inert inlet liner is rigorously tested and certified to ensure:

  • Less analyte buildup, so you can analyze more samples without the need for frequent system maintenance
  • Exceptional batch-to-batch uniformity for more reproducible results
  • Low to no bleed or background contamination for your most accurate data

What’s more, Ultra Inert inlet liners are packaged with a pre-installed O-ring that has been cleaned, conditioned, and nonstick-plasma treated. This unique touchless packaging allows you to easily install the new liner—saving time and reducing contamination from touching.

It’s all part of the innovative Agilent Inert Flow Path

By minimizing activity along every step of the GC and GC/MS flowpath, Agilent Inert Flow Path solutions improve system performance, ensure better results, and allow you to process more samples without unplanned maintenance and recalibration.

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GC troubleshooting guide

Solve everyday problems fast

A surprising number of problems involve fairly simple and overlooked components of the GC system. The GC troubleshooting guide provides solutions to common GC problems to help you stay productive.

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On-demand webinar

Habits for a Healthy GC: Insider Tips

Increase your GC uptime and stay productive by keeping your GC in top shape. This webinar will help you identify the critical GC maintenance tasks that align with your workload. You’ll also get tips on how to monitor chromatography quality and columns and consumables health statistics through your Agilent GC’s software.

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On-demand webinar

Make Productivity Happen—Optimizing your GC System

Be sure you’re using the right configuration for your GC conditions. This webinar will help you determine whether you are choosing the correct parts for your application—​and show you how to use the Agilent ADM Flow Meter to troubleshoot problems.

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