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Celebrating 10 Years of SureSelect

Defining and shaping next-generation sequencing

Over the past 10 years, Agilent has revolutionized next-generation sequencing (NGS) with the SureSelect portfolio of target enrichment and library preparation kits. Since it was introduced in 2009, SureSelect has been instrumental in the publication of approximately 4000 studies, ranging from heritable disorders to complex diseases. The SureSelect portfolio covers sample quality control, library preparation, target enrichment, automation, and data analysis. It includes both off-the-shelf and custom products.

Tour through a decade of advancements

In 2009, Agilent introduced SureSelect, the first target enrichment solution that enabled cost-effective sequencing and analysis of thousands of genomic targets. Since then, Agilent has become the leader in target enrichment solutions, making major strides by expanding the SureSelect portfolio. Take a tour through the past decade of advancements by clicking on each milestone.

2009 SureSelect Human All Exome kit released 2010 Industry-leading custom SureSelect platform launched 2011 First SureSelect custom model organism, mouse exome, released 2012 2013 SureSelect supports multiple sequencing platforms 2014 Ground-breaking SureSelect QXT library prep solution with 90-minute hybridization released 2015 Comprehensive medical exome, SureSelect clinical research exome, launched 2016 OneSeq platform, single assay to capture SNPs, indels, CNVs, and LOH, released 2017 Molecular barcodes for rare variant detection, SureSelect XT HS workflow, introduced 2018 Enzymatic fragmentation streamlines SureSelect XT HS workflow 2019 First walk-away automation solution for SureSelect, Magnis NGS Prep System, launched

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Agilent provides a full range of SureSelect products. Kits include all reagents for library preparation, hybridization, and capture. They can be coupled with any SureSelect custom or catalog panel or exome. So, whether your research needs a catalog NGS panel or a custom design to include your genes of interest, Agilent can deliver what you need. Get started with the most proven library preparation and target enrichment system today.

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