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What steps should we take to prevent nebulizer blockage? What should we do to achieve the best performance when using hollow cathode lamps? What’s the best way to clean sampler and skimmer cones?

Our new atomic spectroscopy resources hub helps you answer these questions—and others—when time is short. It keeps you up to date with the best practices for maintaining your instruments, minimizing downtime, and making your analysis workflow more efficient.

Here, you’ll find access to information that can help you:

  • Properly maintain every atomic spectroscopy instrument in your lab.
  • Minimize costly unplanned downtime.
  • Increase the number of samples you can run every day.
  • Simplify your method transfer/validation of new instruments.

Here are three maintenance guides you can use right now

We’ve put together our best tips for optimizing your atomic spectroscopy instruments, and making sure that your methods are robust and reliable.

Download AAS Guide

Download ICP-OES Guide

Download ICP-MS Guide

Getting started is easy. Simply select your technique:

AAS Resources

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ICP-OES Resources

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ICP-MS Resources

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