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Agilent Sample Preparation Supplies Catalog

Just Released:
The Newest Edition of the Agilent Sample Preparation Supplies Catalog

Find all the supplies you need, all in one place

Ready to ensure accurate, reproducible results right from the start? Then here’s good news: The newly updated Agilent Sample Preparation Supplies Catalog is available for immediate download, or as a printed copy by request.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to minimize downtime and reruns and increase data accuracy and precision, including:

  • Application and format guides
  • Interferences chart
  • Expert tips and tricks
  • Product specifications, and much more
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Sample Preparation Catalog

Why download an e-copy?

The electronic format simplifies your search for products, chromatograms, and part numbers when seconds count.

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Tips and Tools

To view the core concepts of SPE and demonstrations of sample preparation, visit

More than just a list of products, the Agilent Sample Preparation Supplies Catalog is filled with expert insights to help you achieve your best analytical results.

Here are just some of the new innovations featured in the new Sample Preparation Supplies Catalog:

Simplify protein precipitation and achieve lipid removal

Agilent Captiva EMR–Lipid

Simplify your sample preparation and improve your protein precipitation results with Agilent Captiva EMR–Lipid 96-well plates and pass-through SPE methods.

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Minimize lipids, maximize recovery in food samples

Agilent Bond Elut

Make highly selective lipid removal possible for your QuEChERS workflow with Agilent Bond Elut EMR–Lipid dSPE.

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Streamline your sample processing

Positive pressure manifold processors

Agilent positive pressure manifolds ensure better row-to-row and cartridge-to-cartridge reproducibility than traditional vacuum manifolds.

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Want to see how Agilent sample preparation supplies can maximize your productivity? Start exploring.

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