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Agilent Sample Prep Solutions

Process samples faster, with greater consistency

Minimize lipid interferences without losing your analytes

Matrix interference caused by lipids prevents you from achieving low-level detection and quantitation—especially for multiresidue, multiclass analysis of complex samples.

The innovative sorbent in Agilent Captiva EMR—Lipid cartridges and plates selectively removes lipids, not target analytes. What’s more, studies show a >99% better lipid removal, superior eluent clarity, easier flow, and substantially less clogging than other products.

You can also choose from different formats that allow you to perform:

  • Streamlined in-well protein precipitation, filtration, and cleanup for biological samples in clinical research
  • Pass-through cleanup under gravity, which is ideal for multiclass, multiresidue analysis of complex food samples.
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Ensure sample processing consistency and throughput

Process your samples faster and more consistently with Agilent Positive Pressure Manifold Processors. Positive pressure processing of cartridges and 96-well plates—such as solid phase extraction (SPE), supported liquid extraction (SLE), and filtration (protein precipitation)— maximize consistency and sample throughput.

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Simplify Your Sample Processing, Improve Your Analytical Data Quality

Learn how and why lipids interfere with analyte detection and reproducibility—and how Captiva EMR—Lipid can help.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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