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OneNeb Nebulizer

OneNeb Nebullizer - Increased Sensitivity with Minimal Blockage

Agilent has introduced the inert OneNeb nebulizer - a revolutionary new design universal nebulizer for ICP-OES and MP-AES applications. Based on Flow Blurring nebulization technology, the OneNeb generates a fine aerosol that provides improved sensitivity and provides greater tolerance to dissolved solids. The inert construction makes the OneNeb a universal design that can handle all samples including strong acids such as HF and common organic solvents, and yet it simplifies method development and measures all samples with efficient operation over a wide flow rate.

Benefits of the inert OneNeb nebulizer include:

High sensitivity. The Flow Blurring technology used in the OneNeb nebulizer creates a fine aerosol with the majority of droplets sized < 10 µm and a narrow size distribution. This ensures optimal sample transport for enhanced precision. Sensitivity is also increased by a factor up to two times, even when running with low sample flow rates.
Excellent precision and low detection limit. Typical precision achieved when using the OneNeb nebulizer is less than 1% RSD. The OneNeb also ensures robust and reliable performance as the fine aerosol is more efficiently desolvated and excited in the plasma. This improves analytical precision and means that you can also achieve improved (lower) detection limits.
High TDS tolerance. The OneNeb provides greater tolerance to dissolved solids, so you can easily run samples that may induce blockage with conventional nebulizer designs e.g. up to 25% TDS often found in estuarine waters, brines and fine chemicals.
Superb long term stability. The OneNeb provides superb stability over long term measurement, with excellent chemical resistance and tolerance to dissolved solids in the sample.
Fast washout. Unlike some nebulizers that are required for running high dissolved solids solutions, the OneNeb provides washout characteristics that are equivalent or better to those with conventional nebulizers.
Flexibility. The OneNeb nebulizer can replace a whole range of nebulizers you might be using today - whether it is the nebulizer you use for routine samples, a microflow nebulizer used to measure volume limited samples, a “high solids” capable nebulizer used to run samples with high levels of dissolved solids or an inert nebulizer used to measure samples prepared in aggressive acid digests. The OneNeb nebulizer can even be operated over a wide range of solution flow rates, from 0.04 to 2.0 mL min-1 without sacrificing sensitivity.
Inertness and robustness. The OneNeb is made of polymeric material (PFA and PEEK) making it suitable for virtually any sample including common organic solvents used in the petrochemical industry and sample digests from geochemical fusions that are prepared in aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid (HF) or four acid digests (HClO4 - HCl - HNO3 - HF). It is physically robust so that if you accidentally drop it, it will still be intact and continue to provide great performance.
Simple and easy to use. The OneNeb nebulizer is directly compatible with most spray chambers used for ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Simply replace the existing concentric glass nebulizer with the OneNeb - no other method changes are required.
Low maintenance. Simply rinse with your rinse solution when your analysisis complete.

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