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Accelerating Metabolomics

Get a new perspective on metabolism with Agilent

Agilent is the leading global solution vendor for measuring metabolism, offering a broad array of cutting-edge instruments and innovative informatics solutions. Seahorse XF Analyzers measure the oxygen consumption rate and extracellular acidification rate of live cells to interrogate key cellular functions such as mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in real time. Seahorse measurements can be used to guide metabolomics experimental design.

Agilent provides robust workflows for discovery and targeted metabolomics analysis by GC/MS, LC/MS, CE/MS, and SFC/MS. These workflows are designed for Agilent’s mass spectrometry portfolio which includes single quadrupole, triple quadrupole, time-of-flight and quadrupole time-of-flight mass analyzers. A single software platform combines the results from multiple analytical techniques, helping answer challenging biological questions faster. Agilent offers advanced analysis software for processing, identifying and interpreting complex metabolomics data.

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Metabolomics Solutions
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Innovative Agilent discovery and targeted metabolomics solutions are based on our powerful portfolio of instruments, databases, and informatics tools. Agilent has developed robust workflows for performing global metabolite profiling using TOF-based mass spectrometry with GC, LC, CE, and SFC separation. For targeted metabolomics, Agilent triple quadrupole LC/MS and GC/MS systems provide the sensitivity, reproducibility, and robustness needed to handle large sample sets. Agilent’s metabolomics software portfolio includes data mining, statistical analysis, compound identification, pathway visualization, and qualitative flux analysis.

Captiva EMR—Lipid Sample Preparation

Agilent Captiva EMR—Lipid provides highly selective and efficient lipid/matrix removal without unwanted analyte loss. The novel EMR-Lipid technology removes lipids based on a combination of size exclusion and hydrophobic interaction. Effective lipid removal assures minimal ion suppression of target analytes, which significantly improves method reliability and ruggedness.

Polar Chromatography for Metabolomics

New Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 HILIC-Z columns allow retention of polar metabolites using MS compatible solvents. The innovative column chemistry provides superior retention of polar metabolites and is stable at both low and high pH. Retention time and peak shape are maintained even with high salt samples such as urine. For metal-sensitive metabolites, InfinityLab Deactivator Additive can be used to improve detection and peak shape.

Seahorse XF Analyzers

Agilent Seahorse XF Analyzers provide a downstream approach to measuring cellular bioenergetics, enabling rapid assessment of metabolic function in live cells under multiple conditions. Determining the effects of chemical or genetic manipulations on cellular metabolic function quickly and easily yields complementary data that adds efficiency and direction to metabolomic research. Seahorse XF assay kits and reagents specifically developed for pathways, such as oxidative phosphorylation, glycolysis, and fatty acid oxidation, enable researchers to further interrogate and analyze cell function with same-day results.

7250 GC/Q-TOF

As part of our continuing innovation, the Agilent 7250 GC/Q-TOF system is designed to provide high resolution with broad linear dynamic range at acquisition rates up to 50 spectra/sec. Complex metabolomic studies will benefit from the full spectrum analytical sensitivity and mass accuracy, as well as the low energy EI MS/MS capability that assists structural elucidation of unknown metabolites. The extended dynamic range of the 7250 GC/Q-TOF system allows for accurate and simultaneous quantification of a broad range of metabolites present in a cell.

MassHunter VistaFlux

VistaFlux Software is a comprehensive workflow for qualitative flux analysis and includes software modules for easy creation of targeted metabolite lists from pathways, sophisticated extraction of isotopologues and flexible visualization on pathways. VistaFlux easily finds and quantifies targeted metabolites from stable isotope-labeled data, and displays results using advanced pathway visualization software. In addition, VistaFlux exports figures for publication and presentations and generates reports making the complete workflow easy and fast for Agilent LC/TOF and Q-TOF systems.

Metabolomics dMRM Database and Method

The Agilent Metabolomics dMRM Database and Method enables straightforward implementation of an optimized LC/MS/MS analysis of >215 central carbon metabolites, including organic acids, sugars, sugar phosphates, and nucleotides. To generate a robust methodology, the analytical method was tested on a number of common biological matrices. The solution includes a curated database with retention times, optimized MS/MS acquisition parameters, and a data acquisition and analysis method. This product is part of Agilent’s comprehensive metabolomics workflows and is supported in Agilent’s leading software workflow.

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