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Clinical Diagnostics: Medical Devices

Quantitative analysis

One of the most important capabilities of clinical laboratories is quantitative analysis, where the compounds of interest are quantified by LC/MS/MS.

Agilent 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole LC/MS systems offer the unique capabilities, essential for quantitative analysis in the LDT laboratory: superior sensitivity, renowned reliability, and overall system robustness. Choose an Agilent 6420 or 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system for unmatched productivity, performance, and value for all your analytical needs.

Agilent 6420 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS
The Agilent 6420 is economical and easy to use – a perfect workhorse instrument for clinical laboratories.

The 6420 provides proven sensitivity and reliability with an affordable price for general quantitation applications.
The Agilent 6420 QQQ LC/MS
Product number K6420

Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS
The Agilent 6460 adds Agilent Jet Stream technology to dramatically increase sensitivity for a wide range of applications.

The 6460 provides sub femtogram sensitivity for more challenging trace analysis.
The Agilent 6460 QQQ LC/MS
Product number K6460

Agilent U.S. FDA Class l-Listed Medical Devices: LC Offerings
The 1260 Infinity LC Clinical Edition sets higher standards in quality and value to give you greater confidence as you establish your Lab Developed Test (LDT).

Note: the 1260 Infinity LC Clinical Edition is intended for use with Agilent K6420 or K6460 Class I Medical Device Mass Spectrometers.

Clinical LC configuration:
  • Agilent offers an LC stack ideally suited to support clinical analysis.
  • 1260 Infinity High Performance Autosampler Clinical Edition (K1367)
  • 1290 Infinity Thermostat Clinical Edition (K1330)
  • 1260 Infinity Binary Pump Clinical Edition (K1312)
  • 1260 Infinity High Performance Degasser Clinical Edition (K4225)
  • 1260 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment Clinical Edition (K1316)
Clinical LC

Agilent U.S. FDA Class l-Listed Medical Devices: MS Offerings

K6420 6420 QQQ LC/MS
K6460 6460 QQQ LC/MS

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.
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