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Raise Your Lab’s iQ with Ease

More certainty, more clarity, more confidence
More certainty, more clarity, more confidence

Adding mass detection has required investment in time and training—until now. The self-aware technology in our intuitive system keeps a focused eye on your lab operations. The LC/MSD iQ gives you back valuable time and eliminates the hurdles of moving from UV to mass spec by making mass detection user-friendly to all, even first-time users.

LC/MSD iQ posters
from ASMS 2019
LC/MSD iQ posters from ASMS 2019

See the self-aware mass spec

Less is more

The Agilent InfinityLab LC/MSD iQ is designed for ease of use and operation right from the start, so new users can reach maximum productivity in minimum time with less cost.

Typical system

Agilent LC/MSD iQ system

Maintenance time 98% Maintenance time
Instrument downtime 78% Instrument downtime
Training time 69% Training time
Cost of ownership 17% Cost of ownership
Watch the videos below to learn more about Agilent's intuitive technology
Certainty without complexity Certainty without complexity

Easily transition from UV to mass spec without the cost of change.

Get more valuable time back Get more valuable time back

System health monitoring makes maintenance predictable, infrequent, and fast.

Avoid lengthy training Avoid lengthy training

With just a couple of simple inputs into our open access software, even the newest chemists can get accurate results on their first day.

Mass detection brings several advantages to your lab:
  • Gain certainty and speed, even when users are new to the system
  • Get back valuable time with accurate, reliable results from the start
  • Keep pace with other labs and ever-changing testing results
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