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Agilent InfinityLab

Maximize Your LC Workflow Efficiency

Agilent InfinityLab

Agilent InfinityLab is an optimized portfolio of LC instruments, columns, and supplies that work together seamlessly for maximum efficiency and performance—regardless of application area.

From routine analysis to cutting-edge research, InfinityLab enables you to:

  • Maximize performance and efficiency of your LC workflows
    with the latest innovations
  • Reduce costs with more efficient lab operations
  • Easily identify the columns and supplies that work best
    with your Agilent InfinityLab LC Series instruments

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Take an in-depth look at InfinityLab instruments,
columns, and supplies.

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InfinityLab LC instruments

Efficient LC solutions for
any application and budget

InfinityLab LC Series instruments

From routine analysis to cutting-edge research, the Agilent InfinityLab LC Series, including the 1220, 1260, and 1290 Infinity II LCs, provides the broadest portfolio of LC systems to suit your application and budget.

What’s more, you get 100% compatibility with all your conventional methods, ensuring non-disruptive replacement of current instruments.

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1220 Infinity II LC1260 Infinity II LC1290 Infinity II LC

InfinityLab LC columns

Confidence in analytical efficiency
and traceability

InfinityLab Poroshell 120 columns

  • High efficiency and selectivity ensure speed and resolution
  • Column ID tags give you at a glance details about the last injection date, number of injections, and the maximum temperature used
  • Reliable results and full analytical traceability
  • All the benefits of sub-2 µm performance with your existing LC system
  • Rugged, high-resolution separations within the pressure range of InfinityLab LC Series and other mainstream LC instruments
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InfinityLab LC supplies

Superior operational efficiency
and lab productivity

InfinityLab supplies

Solve everyday challenges, and make your workday more productive.

InfinityLab Quick Connect and Quick Turn fittings:

Easy, leak-proof connections for every user, every time

InfinityLab Solvent Management:

Stay Safe caps and ergonomic solvent bottles simplify everyday solvent handling—safely and more reliably

InfinityLab FlexBench mobile staging platform:

Easy access to your LC instrument

InfinityLab Quick Change valves:

  • Automate a variety of tasks, such as column/solvent selection, column regeneration, and sample cleanup/enrichment
  • Maximize your instrument’s capabilities and reduce downtime

InfinityLab Quick Connect heat exchanger:

Ensure consistent separation conditions with these rugged, reliable and easy to use heat exchangers

Smart InfinityLab supplies

Provide critical information and full usage traceability for less downtime, greater operational efficiency, and confidence in results.

  • Automatically recognized by your InfinityLab LC Series instrument
  • Supplies include:
    • InfinityLab Long Life HiS deuterium lamps with RFID
    • InfinityLab Max-Light cartridge cells with RFID
    • InfinityLab Column ID module

InfinityLab kits

Contain the essentials you need for optimal performance of your InfinityLab LC Series instrument.

  • InfinityLab capillary kits: Simplify identification of key components
  • InfinityLab convenience kits: Help you start-up your new instrument quickly
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Combined with Agilent OpenLAB software and Agilent CrossLab Services, Agilent provides you with end-to-end solutions and support to ensure the best analytical outcomes.

From Insight to Outcome

Agilent CrossLab services help you seamlessly transition to new instruments and software. Comprehensive educational courses and maintenance services help increase uptime and protect your instrument investment.

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Capture, analyze, and share results anytime, anywhere

Enhance productivity and increase performance by connecting systems centrally.

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